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Regijus S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Rubbish system

A 5 times smaller RONIN RS 2 PRO have stronger motors than entire sytem of Edelkrone. Pan Pro, Jibone 2 HeadPlus V2. I dont understand how a pan pro got permision to be made even. From left to right it does fair speed from right to left it does from 2 to 3 times slower during pan due to motor belt inside.... Just make it bigger and make it work properly straight away. All this balancing nonces the surface and conditions have to be nearly perfect to operate this on a tripod.... for studio yes it is the only system to replicate robotic arm for outside use.... I would search for alternative. Entire system should cost not more than 1000 bucks. Stop making it portable Jib one alone weight over 6kg no one will take them far away on a mountain for a timelapse. So make it proper working and heavier. So many flaws with system. It feels like engineers was pushed by a BIMBO to create 'NICE' looking system but not workflow friendly. It does the shots you would expect but.... you have to weight the struggle vs results. What about locking attachments? *** happen there? all attachments are different and more difficult than one or another. Pan pro impossible to lock unless its in perfect position.... Oh and the most expensive bit of entire system the headplus and your camera is holded by a single pin ***??? Like you are one step from dropping over 3000-10000$ on the ground.... I found so many falws with this system sadly during trials I did to many scratches on the system and I cant take it back as I will loose money. But at the end DONT BUY IT IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE SHOOTER. For studio and perfect enviroment well you pretty much have no other choice.

Terry M.
United States United States

Mixed blessing

The power module works as expected, and allows simultaneous operation of multiple devices. ... but then trying to control multiple devices was a big disappointment and waste of time. Background: After purchasing a jib one v2, I was pleased to learn that I could power multiple devices from a V mount battery, and then purchased a Pan Pro and Head Plus v2. After discovering that I could not simultaneously control all three devices with the Android app, I searched your website and found that your controller would promise to do that, and I promptly ordered one. The controller would initially connect to the devices, but most control commands didn’t work and the connection would drop, even within a 3 foot operating range. Days of frustration followed, but just before packing everything up to return, I went back to the Android app and found some “not so obvious” opportunities to update firmware. Apparently, everything needed firmware updates. After finally getting a system that seems to function properly, the controller batteries were dead. Selling an inferior controller with non-functional firmware is not acceptable. After returning to your website, I see that there is a V2 version of your controller that was not apparent when I ordered one. Please advise how to return the V1 controller, as I plan to get the V2 and wired hub.

Leroy R.
United States United States

Excellent work

well built and worked like a charm now I get 4 outputs plus dtap and usb nice

Leroy R.
United States United States

Very Irie

very convenient and well made bought 2 for my livestreaming needs

lukas l.
United States United States

A good product with undisclosed feature

The DC outputs are also inputs. I didn’t see that listed anywhere. That means one cord can come in from a wall outlet and can power three devices without a battery.

A edelkrone Customer
Tomas V.
United States United States

Great tool support

Rina B.
United States United States

Makes life easy, could be improved

This product is really critical in making your life easier when using edekrone products. Instead of dealing with handfuls of batteries, you can use this module to power EVERYTHING with just one V-Mount or Gold Mount battery (I chose V-Mount). I also have a ***** battery in my camera I run to the D-Tap port on the module as well! The major flaw I see with this product is that you can not have all of your items plugged into the power module and have that run off the wall. If you want your setup to be all wall powered, you will have to buy the individual AC adapters for EVERY product. There should be some way to have the module plug into the wall, or allow the V-Mount battery to be charged while it's running off the module. The V-Mount battery has fallen off once so perhaps a gold mount battery would be more secure. The hotshoe strap that comes with it to mount the module to your tripod is okay, but my tripod had wider legs which didn't allow the strap to get around it.

Craig V.
United States United States

Power module

Saves time and packing space. Great accessory.

Donald W.
United States United States

Production Ready!

Very happy! Being able to use my Edelkrone gear with my V-Mount batteries makes productions much easier! Instead of swapping several batteries for each device, my v-mount can provide tons more battery life and if it does run out of juice I'm only swapping one battery not 4!

tukno C.
South Korea South Korea

About LP-E6 Battery

I explained by video/ However, if it is designed not only for Edelcron equipment, but also for other equipment, the utilization is likely to increase.

Christopher L.
United States United States

Great Power block, flimsy strap

This is a great addition to my Edelkrone kit. Only issue is the strap provided to hold the unit and a gold mount battery isn’t really sufficient. It works, but it could be more robust.

Chaz S.
United States United States

Replaces the makeshift V-Mount solution I already had :)

I had already rigged up a DIY V-Mount on tripod solution for the JibOne/HeadPlus/Pan Pro combo - the number of L6 batteries was killing me. This solution replaced that and works perfectly as advertised and is MILES more convenient thank 4 L6 batteries. Here's the things they could do better: 1. The velcro cold shoe mount is inelegant and not sturdy ANDthe velcro is NOT long enough to wrap around a split leg tripod, and loose around the thinner lgs of that style tripod (YT video coming). I think edelkrone goes cheap when they shouldn't - have the V-mount lock on via a super clamp mechanism (like my DIY) and the thing won't budge on any tripod leg. 2. You get 1 long and 3 short cables.....the long is intended for the Headplus on the end of a JibOne, but it's still a little bit short -- maybe 6: more would give more latitude.. You can mostly do what you need to do, but I found myself adjusting the cable too often along the length of the JibOne. Consider this as to why I'm saying this: the Pan Pro allows the full JibOne rig 360 degrees of motion; most folks will only be using say, 180-270 degree of that motion for camera moves. This is where the HeadPlus to Power module long cable is too short without really stringing it up smart - if you really do a 270 degree full range low to high motion with the rig. The cable to the outside of the Headplus is simply too short unless you mount the Headplus up (as opposed to underslung) you;'r limited in your range of motion. All in all - it works well - I'm happy with it. But I always feel like with the high degree of engineering edelkrone puts into their core products, their accessories are always somewhat shortsighted (ergo the degree of 2nd-3rd ,etc versions they come out with). Think about it in the first place :)

Scott J.
United States United States

Neccessary for serious extended use

I'm with the Longview Film Club. We shoot 30 minute shorts. This last year we added pretty much the entire EdelKrone line. So we are very often using the Jib/Pan Pro/HeadlPlus and a camera at the same time. The battery situation was becoming problematic. On set, having to bring down the equipment or camera to change out a battery costs 5 minutes or more, not to mention the effect on the actor's focus. We added the power module and V-Mount batteries with a D-Tap connector. Now we literally can run all day on a single battery. If you have both the slider AND the Jib as we do, and have to switch the HeadPlus back and forth between the two, I'd suggest getting a second power module as we plan to in the future. My only negative comment is about the cords that come with the power module. Two of the ones we received are too loose to make a solid connection to the HeapPlus. Now I wonder if there are specific cords for specific units and we just missed that in the documentation. Just want to let other users know if a cable does seem to power up on unit, just try another. There is one in there that will fit for sure. As always, Edelkrone deliver the products that truly up your game and make your shoots more productive.

Cem K.
United States United States

Works fine, but we have problems with another item..

The power module of the Edelkrone systme is fone, no problems, but the Slide module which we installed got fried as soon as we hooked it up to power? Brand new item??!! So now we cant use the system ,waiting for the replacement...

Robert R.
United States United States

Compact and Complete

This V-mount power module was very easy to add to my Edelkrone workflow. I simply attached it to a C-stand and plugged in the included cables to the module and my Edelkrone HeadPlus. My V-mount battery includes USB connections which allows me to power other accessories and lights next to my slider which cuts down the number of power cables and batteries needed to get work done.

edelkrone Power Module V-Mount Review
Collin S.
Australia Australia

Power module - highly recommend!

I’m using power module with v-mount to power my slide module and Atomos Ninja V. It works great, it’s easy to use and is of high quality construction. Nice to have an on/off switch and no need for lp-e6 batteries! The included tripod leg mount works well but I also use it attached to the rear of my Smallrig top handle (rather than rails) when shooting hand held as it powers my monitor and helps stabilise the camera. A welcome addition to my kit!

brice a.
United States United States

Most Important Device of All

I had tons of the little batteries to keep everything going or tons of DC adapters. Now I only need this.

Robert R.
United States United States

I’ve used it once on location

Would prefer just a 1/4 20 and not the goofy mounting strap and cold shoe. I have plenty of cine-arms. Other than that nice to have the one battery with a switch but my pan module has a switch so have to do the two anyway. So...

Power Module for edelkrone Moco
Powers up your entire edelkrone setup with a single, long-lasting battery by splitting a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery output into four separate DC jacks.
Watch Video
Watch Video Power Module
Powerful features for an effective workflow
V-Mount & Gold Mount options
Power Module splits a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery output to four separate DC jacks. With the Power Module and DC to DC cables (x5 cables included in box), you can power up your entire edelkrone setup with a single, long-lasting battery. Batteries sold separately.
Power Module
Power Module
One, instead of a dozen!
Power Module reduces battery and charger maintenance by dramatically decreasing the number of standard battery swaps. Thanks to the high power capacity of V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries, you can shoot longer and achieve uninterrupted productions.
Gripping accessories included
Effortlessly attach your Power Module to a tripod via the cold-shoe on the hook & loop fastener included.
Power Module
Power Module
Works great with edelkrone motion control ecosystem
Easily power each edelkrone motion control combination, such as JibONE, Pan PRO and HeadPLUS, by a single power source.
Store your Power Module in its ideal Soft Case