Introducing: Time Bouncer

Introducing: Time Bouncer

Say Hello to Time-lapse 3.0 Era with Time Bouncer!

With Time Bouncer feature, you can change the direction of time while the system is in constant motion, enabling you to create stunning time bounce loops.



Play with time in ways you've never imagined before

It's your opportunity to let your creativity soar as you experiment with this mind-bending concept.



At this time, Time Bouncer feature is limited to edelkrone sliders coupled with edelkrone heads. 


 How to set up a time-lapse with Time Bouncer

Enter the time-lapse mode through your edelkrone App where you'll find the new Time Bouncer feature. After setting your motion time-lapse as you would before, simply input the number of bounces (bounce count) you desire and that's it. The system will calculate everything for you. Let's say you entered 3 bounces, the time will flow back and forth 3 times while your camera is sliding seamlessly from one keypose to another. 



Never-Before-Seen Results

Whether you're creating visual narratives, experimenting with abstract concepts, or simply aiming to amaze your audience, Time Bouncer opens up a realm of creativity that pushes the boundaries of what's achievable with time-lapse videography. We know that you will come up with brilliant ways of using it. 


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