HeadPLUS v3

The revolutionary motorized pan & tilt head, with the exclusive point tracking feature and numerous add-ons for even more!

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At a Glance

2 models based on carrying capacity

HeadPLUS: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
HeadPLUS PRO: 20 lb (9 kg)

Point Tracking feature

The “Point Tracking” feature automates head motions, enabling you to get amazing tracking shots effortlessly. With such impressive shots, you will captivate your audience while increasing your production value.

Hand-Controlable, Just point & set!

Manual control is just one of many unique features of HeadPLUS. This gives an unprecedented speed and ease to your workflow and makes the entire process much more intuitive.

Both models unfold to fit in any backpack

HeadPLUS is the only professional head you won't feel lazy about carrying.

You requested,
we delivered.

Based on your valued requests, we've improved everything about HeadPLUS with v3.

  • Redesigned Camera bracket that can fold vertically for vertical videos.
  • 2x faster pan & tilt
  • 2x longer battery life.
  • 2x bluetooth connectivity range.
  • 10x more precise positioning
  • Auto calibration when entering the point tracking mode.
  • Easy access to the camera battery port (means changing camera battery without interfering with the setup)
  • Direct port for our new Focus/Zoom Module v3 (means 1 less battery to manage and easier workflow)

Connects Wirelessly with the Body

When HeadPLUS is combined with an edelkrone Body device (slider, jib or dolly) you can easily program 3, 4 or 5 axis camera motions. You can record never-before-seen, amazing tracking shots, transitional scenes, motion time-lapses and visual effects shots with any combination you choose.

Seamlessly and wirelessly control all edelkrone devices from both Apple and Android devices.

Automatic Point Tracking

With the edelkrone exclusive Point Tracking Feature, you can lock on to any point in 3D space while your camera is moving on edelkrone sliders, jibs or dollies.

With the separate buttons to control the body and head you can trigger any body motion without worrying about the head control. HeadPLUS will act automatically to keep the point fixed in the frame giving you amazing parallax results.

As long as you have paired your HeadPLUS with an edelkrone motorized Slider, Jib or Dolly, you can take advantage of the Point Tracking feature.

Even while you are manually moving the system, HeadPLUS remains locked.

Teach a Point Easily

By using your camera, aim on the same point from 2 separate angles and that's it. This is how easy to set a point. The App will guide you step by step. This can be done in a matter of seconds.

Head & Body Control Separated

Point Buttons make the HeadPLUS lock on a target point so once you trigger body motion by using any of the position buttons, HeadPLUS will adjust itself in realtime keeping the frame locked on the point.

No image processing

While your Slider/Jib/Dolly is in motion, point tracking mode uses realtime inverse kinematic calculations to adjust the pan, tilt and focus of HeadPLUS. This method is unique to edelkrone motion control systems, and since it uses no image processing, it is currently the best performing and most reliable parallax video solution in the market.

Switch between points while the body is in motion

Point Tracking Mode will greatly enhance the appeal of your storytelling and exceed expectations by delivering unparalleled, captivating visuals.

Normally, achieving such visuals would require advanced motion control programming knowledge, hired experts, and long hours.
With edelkrone, these results are effortless and achieved right on the first try. You can even use this flow for LIVE scenarios.

Watch the full Point Tracking Feature video to learn more!

Keypose Motion Programming

Keypose mode is the base controlling mode that works with all edelkrone devices and device groups. With this mode, you can save the current pose of the devices in to a single button. By saving several poses on separate keypose buttons you can create smooth transitions between them.

Save & recall any pose

After saving a keypose (tap & hold), tap the button again to recall the system back to that pose. By pressing one keypose after another, you can transition your camera from one pose to another smoothly.

Loop between poses

You can tap 2 Keyposes at the same time, and initiate a never ending loop between these 2 Keyposes. Perfect for long interview sessions, podcasts, educational videos, etc.

Create a pose sequence with ease

Once you have 3 or more Keyposes saved, you can use the sequencer mode to trigger these Keyposes in any order you like. You can set separate transition speeds between each pose, and you can even put this sequence in to a back and forth loop.

3 Add-ons for HeadPLUS

Vision Module

The Vision Module sees what your camera sees (HDMI Connection) and takes control of HeadPLUS to follow moving faces or objects in your video. Vision Module also wirelessly streams your video feed to any edelkrone App with almost no delay.

Face & Object Tracking

You can start Face Tracking whenever a face is in the frame. Once activated, HeadPLUS will automatically pan and tilt to keep the face centered in the upper third of the frame.

Tap anywhere on screen to reposition the face

During face tracking, you have the flexibility to reposition the face within the frame by tapping anywhere on the screen. The system will keep the face there.

Search for a new face

Additionally, you can use the left and right direction buttons to switch to a different face in that direction. Once pressed, Vision Module will search for the next face in that direction. If no faces are currently present within the frame, HeadPLUS will pan until a new face is located, at which point it will automatically initiate tracking for that face.

Object tracking

Object Tracking can be triggered any time by pressing the object tracking button. Once pressed, you need to drag-select the object you want and then press DONE. Object tracking starts immediately.

Focus/Zoom Module

Benefits in Keypose Mode

• Allows you to switch focus between two keyposes. • Enables zoom transitions between two keyposes.

Benefits in Point Track Mode

• Keeps the tracked point in focus throughout the tracking (thanks to lens mapping for autofocusing). • Lets you set different zoom levels for each point during transitions.

No matter which Focus/Zoom Module version you have (v2 / v3), you can benefit from these features.

Set a point to track by simply focusing on it!

You can now aim your camera and focus on the point to quickly teach its position to the system.

Zoom Control

If you attach Focus/Zoom Module to the zoom ring of your lens, you can assign different zoom amounts to each Keypose and Point Button.

Lens mapping

If your lens is not in the list, you can easily teach your lens in a minute (ONE-TIME) and save for future use.

Lens Community

Just choose your lens model from the Lens Community and you are ready to autofocus.

Laser Module

Makes Point Teaching even faster.

Instant Point Teaching

The Laser Module instantly measures distances. When attached, HeadPLUS can determine the distance from the camera to the target, enabling an instant Point Teaching process.

Ultra-Precise Repeatable Motion

Any motion sequence can be repeated (Both in Point Tracking and Keypose Modes)

HeadPLUS and other paired edelkrone motion control devices can perfectly repeat the camera motion no matter how complex your composition is. Add some masking magic with your favorite video editing software and wow your audience in no time!

Unique Motion Time-Lapse Results

Any keypose transition can be converted in to a motion timelapse video and can be combined with edelkrone's unique dynamic time/motion feature.
Any point tracking motion can be converted in to a motion timelapse video and can be combined with edelkrone's unique dynamic time/motion feature.

Making the impossible possible.

The Time Bounce feature allows you to turn any keypose or point tracking shot into a unique experience where you can move time back and forth without affecting the motion of the camera.

Controlling Options

edelkrone App

The edelkrone App stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive control platform, designed to seamlessly and wirelessly control all edelkrone devices from both Apple and Android devices. Learn More.

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Box Contents

HeadPLUS, L Bracket for cameras up to 10 lb (4.5 kg), AC/DC Adapter, Sony NP-F Battery Brackets (batteries NOT included), allen keys

HeadPLUS PRO, L Bracket for cameras up to 20 lb (9 kg)), AC/DC Adapter, Sony NP-F Battery Brackets (batteries NOT included), allen keys.